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S070HWX93HN-FC102, 7.0″ Super Stretch TFT LCD

September 15, 2021






Craft Data are excited to announce their new super stretch 7.0” TFT LCD with PCAP touch. The S070HWX93HN-FC102 has outline dimensions of just 43.3mm(H) x 201mm(W) x 5.23mm(T) and…

5.8″ Bar/Stretch TFT LCD, S058HWV04HS-DC02,

August 12, 2020

Stretch or Bar TFT LCD could offer a good solution for many OEM products including white goods and other large kitchen appliances. With space under countertops at a premium…

4.6″ 800×320, Bar/Stretch TFT LCD

August 5, 2020

Stretch, Bar or Letterbox format TFT LCD are fast becoming key display formats within the OEM product market due to their fit and form. With many OEM products still…

3.9″ Bar TFT LCD S039QWQ01HS-DC05

August 3, 2020

Here at Craft Data we truly believe that our latest 3.9″ bar Type or stretch TFT LCD will help OEM manufacturers bring colour and better functionality to their next…

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