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10.4″ 1000cd/m2 High Brightness TFT LCD (13-104GIEB0GB1-S)

June 15, 2021

We are pleased to introduce our 4:3 aspect ratio,10.4” 1024×768 resolution, 1000cd/m² brightness TFT LCD (13-104GIEB0GB1-S). The compact display has an outline footprint of 236(H) x 174.3(V) x 13.02(D)mm…

Powertip 4 in 1 TFT LCD Modules

September 12, 2018

One of Powertip’s recent developments within their TFT product line up is to introduce 4 different panel sizes with the exact same pin assignment and connector, 3.5″, 4.3″, 5.0″…

8.0″ Bar, Letterbox Format or Stretch TFT LCD

October 23, 2017

Our 8.0″ Bar Type TFT LCD Z800-5.4BL0215-24A is ideal for industrial applications whose displays generally are required to be in the landscape format.  The panel was originally designed for…

5.8″, 800(RGB) x 320 Resolution Letterbox Format TFT LCD

June 21, 2017

The S058IWV01HSO TFT LCD module from our partner CDTECH is a 5.8″ letterbox or stretch style display, this format is becoming increasing popular within the industrial product markets with engineers…

8.8″ Letterbox Format TFT LCD

January 25, 2017

The new letterbox format TFT LCDs are helping design engineers make the transition from traditional monochrome LCD to full colour.  One such model is our 8.8″ (S88SWX03) TFT from our…

CDTECH – Bar Type or Stretch TFT LCD

September 2, 2016

We are pleased to introduce the “Bar Type”, “Letterbox” or “Stretch” style TFT LCD panels from their newest partner CDTECH. These wide format colour LCDs are becoming increasingly popular…

12.3″ Bar Type TFT LCD – S123WU01

August 23, 2016

Becoming increasingly popular in the colour display market are the “Bar Type”, “Stretch”  or “Letterbox” style TFT LCD panels. Our latest display that fits into this bracket is our 12.3″, 1920…

Powertip TFT LCD with Projected Capacitive Touch

March 26, 2014

Our partner Powertip of Taiwan has released a range of high brightness TFT LCD with a projected capacitive touch overlay fitted as standard.  The range is designed to complement…

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