5.0″ 1080×1080 Resolution Round TFT LCD

November 9, 2021

We are excited to announce the release of our 5.0” circular TFT LCD, KD050SXFID039.









The display has a super high resolution of 1080(RGB) x 1080 pixels with a pitch of…

10.4″ Bar TFT suitable for 1U Rack Applications

November 3, 2021

As the range of stretch or bar TFT LCD increases many more OEM products are taking full advantage of the colourful, vibrant displays, designers are given license to create…

24″ Shelf Edge Stretch TFT Display (SAD2401KL)

October 25, 2021








Our eye catching 24″ stretch display is an ideal choice for colourful, vivid promotions within retail and hospitality environments.  The display can be simply programmed with your product or…

23.1″ Shelf Edge Display (SAD2310KL)

October 14, 2021

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing a new range of stretch displays with a built-in media player aimed at the retail and hospitality markets.  These eye catching…

2.1″ Round TFT LCD (MLT021R40-3)

October 12, 2021

Need to upgrade your display? Need to give your product an edge over your competition? Could moving to a round colour display be the answer? We are pleased to introduce…

2.8″ 256×64 FSTN COG LCM, JHD25664-G16BFWD

September 23, 2021

With OLED leadtimes an issue could it be time to seek an alternative display option without having to re-design your GUI? Our JHD25664-G16BFWD is a 2.8″ FSTN COG LCM…

Contactless E-Button for Elevator (lift) Car Controls

September 21, 2021

The next development for our partner GTT’s UNTACT contactless touch technology is contactless elevator (lift) controls or E-Buttons. Using the same technology and concept GTT are now developing elevator…

S070HWX93HN-FC102, 7.0″ Super Stretch TFT LCD

September 15, 2021






Craft Data are excited to announce their new super stretch 7.0” TFT LCD with PCAP touch. The S070HWX93HN-FC102 has outline dimensions of just 43.3mm(H) x 201mm(W) x 5.23mm(T) and…

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