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Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

January 22, 2020

Coming soon! Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s) or Digital Price Tags.






Whilst this concept is not new advances in the electronic paper (E-Paper) technology have now once again brought electronic shelf…

GDEW029I6F, 2.9″ Flexible E-Paper Display

April 10, 2019











The largest display currently available in the flexible E-Paper range is the 2.9″, 296 x 128 resolution, GDEW029I6F. As with the smaller 1.02″ & 2.13″ displays, the 2.9″ model…

2.9″ Low Operating Temperature E-Paper Display

January 9, 2019

E-Paper is no longer just for E-Readers!

We are pleased to introduce one of the newest developments with-in the field of Electronic Paper displays (AMEPD). Previously E-Paper displays were possibly…

1.02″ Flexible E-Paper Display

December 18, 2018


The GDEW0102I4F is a flexible E-Paper display and is the latest to be added to this growing range of displays. This wearable display features a flexible plastic substrate, allowing…

2.13″ Flexible Graphic E-Paper

May 23, 2018

We are pleased to introduce one of the latest innovations in electronic paper displays (E-Ink), the GDEW0213I5F is a 2.13″ 212 x 104 resolution flexible display. The traditional glass…

2.13″ Low Operating temperature E-Paper Display, GDEM0213E26LT

June 29, 2017







Our GDEM0123E26LT display is a Bi-Stable Active Matrix Electrophorectic display (AM EPD), it has a diagonal measurement of 2.13″ with an active area of 23.71 x 48.55mm and a resolution of 104×212 pixels. It…

Flexible 1.73″ E-Paper Display

July 7, 2015

Lighter, more rugged displays
For an end customer, a flexible display has several benefits outside of the flexibility of the display itself. Plastic-based displays allow the end product to be substantially…

2.13″, 212×104 pixel resolution E-Paper Display

June 24, 2015

Another addition to our range of E-Paper displays is the 2.13″ 212×104 pixel resolution 1-bit module, GDEW0213T1. The display is an active matrix electrophoretic COG module with a fully…

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