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Mitani – Thermal Print Head – MO-CS2-12-2A2

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Craft Data and their Thermal Print Head partner Mitani Micronics of Japan are pleased to release their latest head for use in the thermal transfer printing market. This high density thick film head utilises Mitani’s latest screen printing technology which enables the heating element to be placed on the rounded corner of the alumina substrate. This new technique improves the thermal responsiveness which produces faster print speeds and better print quality.

The new head has a print resolution of 300 dpi which produces sharp high resolution images, barcodes and QR Codes at an impressive 200mm/sec. By placing the heating element on the corner the head produces less image tailing (image drag) as shown in the image below.

Mitani head new


The head also includes a thermal dot history circuit to prevent the heating elements overheating and causing poor image quality when printing at fast speeds.

  • High Print Accuracy
  • High-Speed (200mm/sec)
  • Ink Ribbon Printing (Thermal Transfer)
  • 300 dpi resolution (640 dots/line)
  • Print width: 53.31mm
  • Heater voltage: 24V
  • Heater resistance: 850Ω
Mitani example new













MO-CS2-12-2A Datasheet

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