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With the majority of our display partners supplying their displays with the option of a factory fitted touch overlay, primarily either a 4-Wire resistive or a Projected Capacitive touch, the need for the touch to be a separate component has been reduced greatly.  At Craft Data we still see the need to work with independent touch suppliers to enable us to offer the correct touch technology for the correct environment. Whether this be a touch for a simple instrument based solely in a laboratory or a touch for a fully ruggedized un-manned kiosk.

We offer the touch Technologies shown below, for help and advice on sizes etc. please email us at or call us on 01296 332000.

4-wire resistive

4-Wire Resistive sensors offer a transmissivity of >80% and are available from 3.8” to 21.3” diagonal and cover all the popular LCD panel sizes in between. Sensors will operate from –20 to +70°C and have a life expectancy of >10 million touches on a single point. All standard parts have a touch resolution of 1024×1024 and a linearity of <2%.


5-wire resistive

5-Wire Resistive products offer better ruggedness over the 4-Wire and will in fact continue to operate even with the front film damaged. Sizes from 10.4” through to 19.0” and again cover all the popular LCD panel sizes in between. Transmissivity is >80% and the resolution is 1024×1024. The life expectancy over the sensor is >35million touches on a single point.


Standard Surface Capacitive

Standard Surface Capacitive sensors with >83% light transmission offer excellent rugged properties and have a life expectancy of over 50 Million touches (single point). They are the choice for a host of applications where the users will be un-supervised public. Flat display sizes from 15.0” through to 20.1” (wide) diagonal with a resolution of 2048 x 2048, sensors are available with either an RS-232 or USB controller.


Projected Capacitive

Projected Capacitive Touch with >90% transmissivity is fast becoming the touch technology choice for a host of rugged and outdoor applications. With its –20~+70°C operating temp plus superb water and dirt resistant properties PCAP will soon be the de-facto technology for all touch applications requiring excellent performance in hostile environments. Sizes from 5.7” through to 22.0” covering all the popular LCD sizes.


Surface Acoustic Wave

Surface Acoustic Wave Touch sensors have a light transmissivity of >90% and are available for flas displays from 7.0” to 32.0 diagonal. 6mm tempered glass sensors can be supplied for rugged applications which could be subject to vandalism and cold temperatures, with a surface hardness of 7 mohs the sensors are difficult to scratch or cut with sharp instruments. Sensors can be supplied with either a serial RS232 or USB interface with drivers available for Windows and Linux. SAW touch is one of the preferred touch technologies for gaming machines and public information kiosks.


Infrared touch

Infrared touch technology offers great performance for hostile environments and has stood the test of time. With excellent sealability, light transmission (92~100%), extremely wide operating temperatures (-30°C ~ +80°C) and excellent anti-vandal properties. IR touch is the choice for outdoor kiosks and other un-manned applications. With a touch resolution of 16,384 x 16,384 and standard sensor sizes from 10.4” to 103” most applications can be accommodated, however custom solutions are also welcome. 32-point multi-touch function is also now available and as with all IR touch sensors there is no minimum touch activation force and no wear out mechanism.


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