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Mitani Micronics is recognized as one of the world leaders in “Thick Film” print head technology.  Mitani’s “Thick-Film” thermal print heads are aimed primarily at the specialist printer manufacturers who design printing machines for hostile or rugged environments or where the print media is possibly a little unconventional.  Standard sizes range from 25mm (1.0”) print width through to 216mm (8.0”) with various resolutions between 3 and 8 dots/mm.

Our print heads can be found in a wide range of industrial applications from parking systems to food packaging printing, we are even able to print on plastic and metal cards or tags. 

Mitani produce three different print heads “Bevel”, Side-face” “Normal Edge”, their differences are explained below.


The so called “Bevel” structure features a 1mm thick ceramic substrate with a 10° bevelled contact area of 4mm width as the carrier of the printing line (an array of microscopic heating elements).  The resulting head structure enables you to work on media that is not intended to curve around a roller/platen (diameter <20mm).

Typical examples are stickers with plastic or metal coatings as well as stiff label materials on endless carriers (i.e. name plates) and media with critical surface stability.  The bevel structure of Mitani’s print heads allows for very large roller/platen radiuses in the printing area, which greatly helps if your media has a peel off backing material etc.


Mitani’s unique “Sideface” print heads are members of the so called “True-Edge” heads with the printing line (an array of microscopic heating elements) located on the edge of the 3mm thick ceramic substrate.  This type of print head operates at right angles to the printing surface facilitating real “flatbed” printing.

Side Face heads are primarily used in “Thermal Transfer Printing” which is used for printing on cartons, packages, foils and plastic or metal cards where the media is stiff or hard and will not bend around a platen/roller.  Side-faced print heads are being used more and more in hostile environments where there can be a large concentration of air pollutants and moisture etc.


Normal edge print heads feature the printing line (array of microscopic heating elements) close to the edge of the flat area of a conventional ceramic substrate.  Thick film print heads of this structure are normally used to process standard thermal paper with varying surface qualities and higher reaction temperatures.Typical examples of normal edge print head usage are in POS printers ticket printers for kiosks and ATMs etc. plus instruments in a wide range of industrial and scientific applications.

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