Transparent TFT LCD Modules


Revolutionize your product design with the latest innovation within the field of colour displays, Transparent TFT LCD.

tranparent-tft-1Imagine being able to clearly see through your display whilst running customer focused vibrant eye catching multi-media messages, you can with our transparent TFT LCD. Ideally suited for retail and digital signage applications where a visually stimulating video presentation coupled with real product placement visible through the display make a highly effective marketing tool.

11.6″ A11601001 283(H) x 198(V) x 8.3(D) 256.125(h) x 144(V) L/R: 45°/45° U/D: 45°/20° 1366 X 768
14.0″ A14001001 358.4(H) x 210(V) x 8.3(D) 309.4(H) x 173.95(V) L/R: 40°/40° U/D: 40°/15° 1366 X 768
17.3″ A17301001 433.4(H) x 281.0(V) x 8.3(D) 382.0(H) x 214.9(V) L/R: 45°/45° U/D: 40°/20° 1600 X 900
21.5″ A21501001 487.64(H) x 335.81(V) x 8.3(D) 476.54(H) x 268.11(V) L/R: 89°/89° U/D: 80°/80° 1920 X 1080
31.5″ A31501001 769(H) x 464(V) x 8.5(D) 697.68(H) x 392.26(V) L/R: 89°/89° U/D: 89°/89° 1366 X 768
39.0″ A39001001 919(H) X 547(V) x 8.5(D) 853.92(H) x 480.33(V) L/R: 88°/88° U/D: 88°/88° 1920 X 1080

tranparent-tft-2High resolution modern wide screen formats for both landscape and portrait viewing options.

TFT glass cell is secured within a metal frame/bezel to aide mounting with your application via traditional fixings.

All TFT panels have an LVDS interface or can be supplied with a compact A/D board (inc LVDS cable) with HDMI, DVI and RGB inputs, plus audio in/out.
Single 12VDC supply when used with the A/D board
When coupled with high brightness LED illumination a super High contrast is achieved.

Examples of successful Applications

transparent-332.0″ and 39.0″ Panels mounted within the door of a bottle cooler for use in bars and staurants.

11.6” and 14.0” panels used in product showcases within retail environments.


Transparent TFT LCD Module

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