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A comprehensive range of mid-size TFT LCD Displays for the industrial, instrumentation, medical and entertainment equipment markets.  The range starts at a 2.4” QVGA resolution and goes through to a 10.4” SVGA resolution display encompassing all the key industrial sizes in-between with many sizes having several different specification options available.


  • High Brightness White LED Backlights (up to 1300 cd/m2)
  • High Contrast (600:1)
  • Wide (MVA/IPS) Viewing options (70°/70°/70°/70°)
  • Advanced interfacing solutions (LVDS, CPU, 6 & 8-Bit RGB)
  • Standard operating temperature of -10°C ~ +70°C
  • Optional: 4-Wire Resistive and Projected Capacitive Touch with USB I/F.
  • Optional: Outdoor 4-Wire Resistive touch
    • Low reflection
    • Enhanced contrast ratio
    • Enhanced colour saturation
    • Outstanding reliability.
  • Optional: Optical bonding for increased optical performance.
    • Increase contrast ratio in direct sunlight and other high ambient light applications
    • Eliminate “wash-out” effect
    • Enhance clarity and reduce “sparkling” effect
    • Reduce light reflectance and refraction
    • UV Protection
    • Vandal protection and higher durability
  • Optional: Ultra thin fitted heaters for extreme cold weather applications allowing displays to operate down to -40°C.
  • Sharp & Kyocera compatible pin outs and foot prints.
  • Wide View Polariser Film added to increase standard viewing angles to (80/80/75/80) allowing a single display to be used in both “portrait” and “landscape” modes with no grey inversion.

Wide View Polariser Displays

Optical Performance Comparison

Benefits of Optical Bonding

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