Could OLED be the display technology you are looking for? OLED offers many advantages over traditional LCD displays in the small graphic display environment.  Many of the latest mobile phone releases and MP3 players are now switching from monochrome LCD, TFT and CSTN LCD to OLEDs and making the most of their hi-visibility, fast response times and extremely low power.

Examples of Visionox OLED Devices from Craft Data

Sizes start at 0.68” diagonal (96×32 resolution) and go up to 2.8” diagonal (256×64 resolution) with larger sizes under development.

  • Full RGB Colour (262K colours), Monochrome (light blue, Yellow, White, Green & Amber), with greyscale options and 2-Area Colour displays.
  • Extremely wide viewing angle of 170°.
  • No limitations on the viewing direction 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock viewing directions all on the same standard panel.
  • High contrast ratio of >100:1.
  • Hi-Brightness up to 150 cd/m², with a typical brightness value of 80 cd/m².
  • Superior Clarity – Distinct images giving lifelike colour reproduction and vibrancy.
  • Fast response times (<10µs) up to 10 times fast than LCD, which is ideal for full motion video.
  • Low power consumption in comparison to LED backlight mono LCD, TFT LCD and CSTN LCD, makes OLED ideal for portable battery powered applications.
  • Wide Operating temperature, -30°C ~ +70°C as standard with some versions being specified down to -40°C.
  • Lightweight and compact, typically 1.1mm ~ 2.5mm thick and weighing only 2.0g.
  • OLEDs utilize the latest in COG, COF and TAB technology.


Download: Visionox OLED datasheet 2011

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