A focused range of PMOLED (Passive Matrix Organic LED) displays offering superior optical properties and an excellent environmental specification. Bolymin’s PMOLED is fast becoming the first choice display technology for hand held battery powered applications where visual impact and performance are key features.

Graphic OLED


  • Monochrome, Yellow, Blue and White plus full RGB display options.
  • Extremely wide viewing angle >170°, 3, 6, 9 and 12 o´clock viewing directions all the same panel.
  • Super high contrast, > 2000:1 (dark room),
  • Superior clarity and distinct imagery
  • Hi-Brightness, 150 cd/m² (typical 60˜80 cd/m²)
  • Super fast switch speeds of <10μs, which is ideal for no lag full motion video
  • Wide operating temperature of –40˜+70°C
  • Lightweight and compact, typically 1.5˜2.0mm thick and weighing only 2.0g.
  • Low power consumption in comparison to LED backlighting on mono, TFT and CSTN LCD

Module Options (click on image to enlarge) Module Options Datasheet (pdf)

Character OLED


    • COG or COG with SMT PCB
    • 5V (3V option) single power supply with built-in positive voltage for OLED panel
    • 5 x 8 dot character format
    • Industry standard format for direct replacement of LCD modules
    • Built-in controller (SSD1311) compatible with LCD modules
    • OLED Colours, white, yellow or green
    • Multiple interface support
      • 4/8 bit 6800/8080 parallel interface
      • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
      • I²C Interface (up to 400kbit/s)
      • RS232 (US2066 controller)
  • 256-step contrast adjustment
  • 3 sets of CGROM (hardware/software selectable)
  • Operating temperatures: -40°C ~ +85°C


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