Mono Graphic LCD

Craft Data have been working with Powertip, since their establishment in 1992; with their strong technical support, fast response time for samples and volume production quantities, we have seen their steady rise from being one of many small LCD module manufacturers in Taiwan to one of the world’s major suppliers of alphanumeric and graphic LCD modules.

Powertip offer an excellent range of monochrome STN & FSTN LCD’s from 96×64 pixel resolution through to 320×240 QVGA resolution, covering all the popular and some not so popular formats.


  • STN, FSTN and FFSTN Technologies.
  • COB, TAB, COF and COG technologies.
  • LED including both array and low power edge lit types (Yellow/Green and white), EL (White and Turquoise blue) and CCFL backlighting (white) backlighting options available as standard.
  • Wide operating temperature (-20~+70°C) options.
  • On-Board graphic LCD controller versions (Toshiba T6963C and Epson S1D13700).
  • Integrated resistive touch overlays.
  • Single 5V or 3.3V options with on-board negative voltage generator and temperature compensation circuitry.

Powertip Graphic LCD Shortform (pdf)

Monochrome Graphic LCD

At Craft Data we understand the need for flexibility of product range and the need for a fast turn around on samples, pilot batches and volume production quantities, Bolymin offer all these merits without compromising on quality.   With Bolymin’s people orientated philosophy and an excellent product range we believe we will see them become one of the major suppliers of LCD displays.

A comprehensive range of monochrome STN and FSTN  graphic LCD modules from 80  x 32 dot resolution  through to 320 x 240 dots (QVGA) incorporating all the industry standard sizes and formats and some that are a little unique.


  • STN (Grey, Yellow/Green & blue) & FSTN Technologies.
  • COB, TAB, COF and COG technologies.
  • LED backlighting options both array and edge lit types (White, Blue, Yellow/Green, Amber, Red, Pure Green, RGB) plus low power EL backlighting (White, Turquoise blue) available as standard.
  • Positive and Negative mode options (positive: dark characters illuminated background, negative: lit characters on a dark background).
  • Single voltage wide operating temperature (-20~+70°C).
  • Single 3.3V or 5V input voltage versions available in most resolutions.
  • Controller on-board versions (Toshiba T6963C, Epson S1D13700, RAIO RA8835 equivalent to the SED1335, Samsung S6B1713)
  • Integrated 4-Wire Resistive touch options including integrated touch controller.

COB (Chip-on-board) Versions

COG (Chip-on-Glass) Versions

TAB/TCP (Tape Automated Bonding) Versions

COF (Chip on Flex) Versions

Bolymin Graphics LCD Shortform (pdf)

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