How it works.

E-Paper is based on the Microcapsule Electrophoretic Display Technology. The E-Paper sheet is a type of polymer-based material, which consists of a transparent conductive polymer sheet , which works as a front electrode, and millions of microcapsules coated on the sheet. For an E-Paper display, the E-Paper sheet is laminated on a substrate, which works as a rear electrode. Each microcapsule, which is only the diameter of a human hair, contains negatively charged white particles and neutrally black particles suspended in a colourless fluid. When a voltage is applied across the two electrodes, the white particles will migrate and gather to the electrode with positive charge, leaving black particles relatively static. If the white particles are located at the front electrode (viewing side), it appears white on the display; if the white particles are located at the rear electrode, leaving black particles near the front electrode, it appears dark on the display. Usually the rear electrode is divided into segments or pixels, and the voltage on each segment or pixel can be controlled independently, allowing various images being formed on the display. Even if the voltage across the two electrodes is removed, the particles will still remain relatively still at current locations. This allows E-Paper displaying a static image without any power consumption, and enables the low power consumption feature.

The backplane works as a rear electrode of the E-paper display which controls each pixel or segment to formulate the image on the E-paper. Several types of backplanes are available for different applications. For dot-matrix displays, we have TFT glass substrate; For segmented displays, we can choose PCB and FPC

Driver IC
The driver IC generates the appropriate voltages to control each pixel or segment of the backplane.

Protective sheet
A protective sheet closely covers the top of the E-paper sheet to prevent damage to the E-paper by moisture and dirt etc..

Edge-sealing material
The edge-sealing material fills in the gap between the edge of protective sheet and the backplane to prevent moisture penetrating through the edge of protective sheet.


  • Bi-Stable Technology – No power is needed to hold the screen image
  • Reflective Technology – No backlight is needed to view the display
  • Ultra-Wide Viewing Angles – 180° on both X and Y axis
  • Can be viewed in both landscape and portrait orientations without the loss of image quality
  • Ultra -Low Power – Power only needed when screen is being up-dated
  • COG Technology for ultra low profile
  • Thin and Lightweight
  • Flexible/bendable display options

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