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Looking for a specialist supplier of Monochrome Liquid Crystal Displays?

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Looking for someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience who can work with you from project concept to completion?

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Craft Data Limited offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of monochrome liquid crystal displays in the UK

We are the franchised distributor for both Bolymin and Powertip's full range of displays from simple character LCD’s to intelligent graphic displays incorporating 4-Wire resistive touch overlays and an embedded 8 or 16-bit microprocessors. Full and semi-custom enquiries are also welcome.

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Features available across the range of monochrome liquid crystal displays are as follows

  • FSTN, STN Blue, STN Grey and STN Yellow LCD panel
  • COB, COG and TAB technologies
  • White, Blue and Yellow LED backlighting (RGB available on some models)
  • Positive and negative displays
  • Transflective, reflective and transmissive polarisers
  • Single voltage options (3V & 5V)
  • Factory fitted 4-Wire resistive touch (some models also offer on-board touch controller)
  • Parallel, I²C, RS232 and SPI interface options

We are on hand to discuss your requirements and to make recommendations for your application

In many instances we can visit you with a working demo unit so you can see the exact display that will fit your requirement. To learn more about our displays and ways we can help you and your project please call us on 01296 332000, send an email to or complete the enquiry form on the right.

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