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Craft Data are an electronic display specialist with over 35 years’ experience within this field, we are an independent family owned and managed company based in the United Kingdom. We are partners for several of the world’s key industrial electronic display manufacturers encompassing Monochrome LCD, Colour TFT LCD, OLED and E-Paper display technologies. We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive display ranges available in the UK today and believe we can support all areas of industry, applications and budgets.

Monochrome LCD Modules


An extensive range of both alphanumeric and graphic LCD modules featuring the latest COB and COG technologies. From 8 char. x 2 lines through to 40 char. X 4 lines in the alphanumeric range and from a 1.1”, 98×64 resolution through to a 5.7” 320×240 QVGA resolution in the graphics range. The modules can be supplied in STN, FSTN technologies, wide operating temperature formats, positive and negative modes plus have optional LED backlighting. Other features include multi-interface solutions including 8-Bit parallel, SPI, I²C and RS232.



Colour TFT LCD Modules


From our smallest 1.44” QQVGA (128×128) to our largest 15.0” XGA and all the industry standard sizes in-between our TFT range is designed to meet all the needs of today’s engineers. The range consists of both wide screen 16:9 formats and 4:3 aspect ratio panels. We are able to supply wide viewing options plus both standard brightness and high brightness sunlight viewing panels. All modules incorporate the latest in COG Technology and white LED backlighting resulting in lightweight and compact designs. Almost all sizes can be supplied with a factory fitted 4-Wire resistive touch sensor plus many of the popular formats can also be supplied with an integrated Projected Capacitive multi-touch sensor including cover lens. LVDS interface options are also now available on many of the newer formats as standard.


oledOLED Modules


Monochrome (white, blue, green & yellow) graphic OLED modules from 0.66” (64×48 resolution) to an impressive 5.5” (256×64 resolution), plus a full colour range from 0.95” (96×64) to 1.69” (160×128 resolution) features include super high contrast of 10,000:1 the highest of any of the available display technologies plus an ultra-wide viewing angle of 175° on both X & Y axis. OLED has a long product life of 60khrs with the yellow variants estimated at 200khrs. As well as parallel interface display interface some modules also include an SPI or I²Ccomms option.


e-paperE-Paper/E-Ink Modules


E-Paper or E-Ink displays are active matrix Electrophoretic displays offering a brilliant alternative to reflective monochrome LCD, due to their highly reflective nature a superior optical performance is achieved in either direct sunlight or very high ambient lighting conditions. A 180° viewing angle on both the X and Y axis also make E-Paper displays superior to all other display technology currently available for the OEM market, this makes mounting the display in either landscape or portrait modes possible on all standard E-Paper modules.


Embedded Displays


From a simple monochrome 20 character x 2 line LCD module incorporating a Microchip PIC 16bit microprocessor with a simple high speed I²C interface to a 9.7” 1024×768 resolution full colour TFT LCD with projected capacitive touch featuring a 1G dual core ARM based processor with Android 4.1 operating system. The range focuses on both monochrome STN and FSTN LCD modules as well as full colour TFT LCD with all the embedded displays featuring built-in memory for your own application software and multiple serial ports (UART & USB) for controlling several peripheral devices.


Industrial Monitors


A superior range of TFT LCD monitors available in three basic formats, “kit Solution” (TFT LCD, Driver Board, cabling), “Closed Frame” (TFT LCD, driver board, cabling, front & rear metalwork) and “Open Frame” (TFT LCD, driver board, cabling, rear metalwork only). All are designed to be easily integrated into your unique system enclosure and can be supplied with various touch technologies depending on your environment and budget.

The standard monitor range starts at the 5.7” VGA, 4:3 size and goes through to an impressive 55.0”, Full HD, 16:9. All monitors have excellent wide viewing angles typically in the region of 160° left to right and 140° top to bottom, however there are some sizes that offer a superior 178° for both horizontal and vertical axis. High contrast ratios of 500:1 through to 5000:1 ensure that an excellent optical performance is offered across the range. Multiple inputs of Analogue RGB, DVI, Composite, S-Video and HDMI make the monitors suitable for applications in the gaming, industrial, retail and medical markets. For touch versions we can offer Resistive (both 4 & 5 wire), Surface Capacitive, Projected Capacitive, SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) and Infrared. With these different technologies we are sure that we have a product that can cope with any environment.


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