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Transparent TFT LCD

October 25, 2013 by  

We are pleased to be able to bring to the UK market one of the most innovative developments within the TFT LCD field for some considerable time, transparent displays.

Imagine being able to see clearly through your display whilst running multi-media messages, you can with our transparent displays. The displays are currently being used to great success in retail and digital signage applications where product placement behind the display running the latest ad campaign is proving to be highly eye catching and effective. Other applications taking advantage of this new technology are vending machines and bottle coolers/fridges, with the transparent display mounted in the front door the machine’s merchandise can still clearly be seen and selected but to entice would be shoppers an eye catching promo of the enclosed products runs on the transparent TFT.  This can also be used as an important revenue stream with retailers being able to sell advertising time on the display to entice a particular items selection.

The current display range starts at a 11.6″ diagonal, 1366×768 resolution panel with the largest being a 39.0″ diagonal, 1920×1080 resolution panel, other sizes available are 14.0″, 17.3″, 21.5″ and 31.5″ with the larger screen sizes also offering wide viewing angles to allow for both landscape and portrait mounting.

The TFT glass is mounted within a metal frame/bezel allowing for easy mounting via conventional techniques into your application. A compact driver board with HDMI, DVI and RGB inputs with a single 12V DC power requirement is supplied as part of the display kit so customers can easily take advantage of various media sources and software.

A more detailed information page with documentation will be added to our website shortly however in the interim if you require any further information or we can help in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on 01296 332000.

Transparent TFT




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