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5.7″ Transflective VGA TFT LCD

April 20, 2012 by  

There has been lots of talk in the industry about high brightness, sunlight readable TFT LCD, ourselves included. A high bright 1000 cd/m² panel really does look impressive alongside a standard 250 cd/m² version, partner this with a high contrast ratio of 500:1 or above and you have a super looking display. But there is a downside, high brightness currently means a high power consumption not something you want to consider when your power is provided by batteries, even the highly efficient rechargeable packs that are now available .

Our partner Kyocera are one of the few manufacturers that have addressed the need for a sunlight viewable TFT LCD with transflective technology, normally only associated with monochrome LCDs. Whilst Kyocera’s transflective technology is not new, their transflective TFT LCD’s were launched several years ago, however they are now once again at the forefront of display choice for applications where direct sunlight readability is a key issue.

Kyocera’s THG057VGLAC-H000, is currently their most popular design in, it is a 5.7″ VGA panel with a 50khr LED backlight providing a 150cd/m² at 25mA brightness, so certainly enough light output for use in low light levels. The panel is a wide viewing angle type offering a 160° on the horizontal and  125° on the vertical with the priority being allocated to the 6 o’clock viewing position (80°). The overall panel size is 144 x 10.4.8 x 13mm which is  now considered to be the industry standard size for 5.7″ TFT LCD, which incidentally was Kyocera’s original design and has an active area of 115.2 x 86.4mm. A full specification and demonstration of Kyocera’s transflective technology is available upon request.





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