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Field Sequential LCD’s (FSD) From Santech

September 3, 2009 by  

Field Sequential LCD’s use a fairly new technology developed by the joint Japanese/Chinese company – Santech Display Co. who own a number of key patents. We have reached an agreement with them to promote these products here in the UK and Ireland initially and feel that there are many possible applications across a wide range of industries. Current examples include indicator panels for the “white goods” industry – cookers, washing machines and fridge freezers etc. through to the latest digital sign boards at Narita (Tokyo) and Shenzhen (China) international airports.

Essentially, FS technology offers the simplest and least expensive way of obtaining a custom design colour LCD panel. The one time engineering/tooling charge is typically around $4000 (£2500). A fraction of the normal charge for a custom TFT module and a 1kpc production order is a very low MOQ (we do not have to have a multi-thousand pc commitment, although we would surely welcome one if offered). One possible limitation is that each pixel only presents up to 8 colours (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, black and white), possibly not good enough for streaming video but perfect for many applications where 8 colours are enough.

Advantages are as follows:-

  • High Contrast: >300:1
  • Wide Temperature Range: -20 ~ +70 degC
  • Fast switching Speeds: <4ms
  • Wide Viewing Angle: >140 deg
  • Low Unit Cost (no colour filter required)
  • RGB LED Backlight
  • Parallel or Serial Interface
  • Low Power Consumption

We really believe that FS LCD’s offer a simple, low cost route to migrating from monochrome to colour displays in your next generation product.

For further information please drop us an email at or call Fred Tagg on 01494 778235.


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